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    [SC7E52] Non-Host Zombie Codes


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    [SC7E52] Non-Host Zombie Codes

    Post by Atmosphere on Fri Sep 14, 2012 10:22 pm

    command code bravo button layout [ropers] v0.1
    42000000 90000000
    0613ABDE 000000C9
    78DA658F DD8AC230
    1046EF0B 7D87A1B7
    7BB94F90 DA4A8B56
    455D8A7B E1109350
    83F92349 D7759F7E
    2B14517B 37CC99F3
    F14D6F4E D270AA54
    9ADC0768 EB1AAB75
    5342D659 9EA549BC
    CA101F84 40662C53
    D24DC8F7 20C81F01
    546BFB02 8B0D29B0
    58B7ABF1 209E7BC3
    85EF7A83 BDEB3CE5
    82E39F9E 2A5F9B51
    60DE8670 B25714BF
    4ED930AC DEC4E776
    1FC17969 2252C391
    512D3C55 965DA6E9
    CB72BE1F F3732FD9
    05734543 141EB57B
    4ECC5FBF 0AF406D9
    F1B3ADC8 7E0743C1
    43B983BA 01021599
    2DCA6D9A FC03DF64
    6E510000 00000000
    E0000000 80008000

    home god mode
    twist a noclip
    twist dpad dowen give you thunder gun
    twist dpad up give you M1911 upgraded
    twist Z max ammo

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